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The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer
Series: Clifton Chronicles #2
Genres: Fiction

The Sins of the Father

by Jeffrey Archer

The Sins of the Father is the second book in a series called “The Clifton Chronicles,” written by Jeffrey Archer. As  soon as I finished reading ONLY TIME WILL TELL, which is the first book in the respective series by the same author, I was excited for the sequel. The sequel do pick up right where ‘Only Time will Tell’ left. It is self explanatory that both books should be read in the order they are written and then only, the other characters connection to the protagonist, Harry Clifton, will be understandable for the reader.

In ‘The Sins of the Father’, which spans the years of World War II, Harry is desperate to escape the revelations that upset his life and prevented his marriage to Emma Barrington, the sister of his best friend, Giles.  He finds himself in New York City, having miraculously survived a German torpedo attack, while his family back in England mourns his death.  Harry soon learns that it’s not really a good idea to assume the identity of a dead man you didn’t know very well, as it likely will bring you more trouble than simply facing your problems head on.

Meanwhile, Emma believes Harry is still alive and goes off in search of him, Giles goes off to war, and their despicable father, Hugo, shunned by his family and friends, risks the family business in a quest for more money and power.  At the same time, Harry’s mother, Maisie, struggling with grief, throws herself into her work and learns that happiness may actually be possible for a woman who’s had a rough life and never put herself first.

The drama of the Cliftons and the Barringtons continues at top speed in The Sins of the Father.  The book reads very quickly and if you are good you might finish in one sitting.  Archer knows very well how to grabs readers’ attention by plunging them into the action from the first page, shifting frequently between different characters’ points of view, peeling back another layer of the story in nearly every chapter, and knowing exactly when to leave readers dangling in suspense.

Though in my opinion ending could have been  better but I guess just for the next release he did get carried away a little. But I will appreciate him that the book is well written and the characters are well developed. It is hard to find that much amount of modern day authors developing there characters so good. But after all he is Jeffrey Archer. Though now there is more excitement for the third volume as a reader.

I would say go for it, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.




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