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People often brag about Nature. They say that Art makes one love Nature more than he loved her before. Art reveal her secrets. But my personal experience says the more we study Art, the less we care for nature. What Art really reveal are the Nature’s unfinished conditions and lack of design. Nature has good intentions but as Aristotle once said, she cannot carry out them. It is fortunate that nature is so imperfect, otherwise there would be no art. Art is a protest, an attempt to teach nature her proper place. As for the variety of nature, it’s a myth. It is the man’s imagination who with some blindness looks at her and says, ‘Beautiful it is, the landscape’. But the truth is nature is so uncomfortable, grass is hard, lumpy and damp, and full of dreadful insects.

vincent van gogh


  • Grass maybe lumpy, hard and what have you,we still love it because they make our lawns beautiful.Poet Tagore says about the grass,she is so beautiful that we view the blades of grass as singing and dancing when the breeze sways her.Tagore’s love for nature is unimaginable,he writes about it as if he and nature are friends,Tagore will be sad, he saw no imperfection in nature,if he did,the lyrics of the songs he wrote did not show nature’s imperfection.We all love his songs and his poetry and because of it we value nature like him.
    This is my thoughts on nature,sorry if I offended you..

    • first of all I am not offended, everyone has right to say about anything.
      Secondly, that’s Tagore’s point of view and it’s mine. Art is always a mirror image of nature but the truth is vice-versa!(still my point of view)

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