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FRIDAY FIVE: Five ways to stay creative on a weekend!

Today is Friday, tomorrow starts what most of us seek. The mighty weekend. Either we can get dull on weekends, or we can be productive, it’s up to us. To do any of the both, mere creativity is always needed!  Thus, I am showing you five ways to be creative to do so.


1. Get away from the computer

Go somewhere, where your heart takes you. But please leave the desk, you have spent all your week in front of that flat bright screen, suffering from a god-knows-what syndrome or wrist cramp due to excessive use of keyboard. Give your hands a rest. Do something else.

2. Surround yourself with Creative people

We all have some friends, who are creative. Hangout with them. Visit the places which inspire you, taking along your creative friend. And if you’re too lucky, find a creative date.

3. Finish Something

We all have some pending work here and there. Make sure you are able to finish that work before the weekend ends. I am sure, it will make you feel good and afresh.

4. Get lots of Rest

Okay, by that, I do not mean that you spend your whole weekend while sleeping. But yes, sleeping till late in the mornings, and having brunch in bed is acceptable.

5. Read a Book

Pick a book. Go somewhere with it. There are lots of cafe’s and other places nowadays where one can sit and read in peace. Or read it at your home, but do read a book!

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