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Month: August 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat

Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat
Genres: Fiction

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Sameer Kamat is the founder of an MBA Admissions Consulting firm and a site about Getting published in India.

I received this book as Giveaway from in exchange of an honest feedback and that does not affect or influence any part of this review.

BUSINESS DOCTORS by Sameer Kamat, an entertaining read, wraps reader’s attention towards itself by the concept of juxtaposing of management consulting and underworld mafia which also grabbed my attention from the moment I had it in my hands. Being curious about the mix and match of the administration world and the world of mafia, I end up finish reading it one go. (more…)


FRIDAY FIVE: Five New Books to read this August

There are so many books releasing this month. Some of them are looking interesting and torturing my curiosity. Some have attractive titles while some have eye-catching covers. But here I am putting down a list of five books that I think are worth reading for you and me both. For the sake diversity (#WeNeedDiverseBooks), I try to pick one from different genres.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Why?: This one is  straight forward and considered light in comparison to his recent works. Though it’s still 400 pages. (more…)

BOOK REVIEW: Palo Alto by James Franco

Palo Alto by James Franco
Genres: Fiction

James Franco, made his debut as an actor almost fifteen years ago but got famous for his role of Harry Osborn in Spider-Man trilogy. Three years, back, he made his literary debut with a collection of short stories called PALO ALTO, set among the Californian streets where Franco spent his own childhood.

This collection is a fiercely vivid collection of stories about troubled California teenagers and misfits, violent and harrowing. The book is made up of snapshots of life in Palo Alto as experienced and each story is told by a young narrator, felonious teenager who spend most of his/her time drink-driving, taking drugs, obsessing over sex and indulging in random acts of violence.  (more…)


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: The one with Madhuri Blaylock

MBIt is always good to meet new authors. And especially the one whose work you admire. I am not a big fan of Paranormal fiction but when I read Madhuri Blaylock’s THE GIRL which is the first title under The Sanctum Trilogy, I realized I can cop up with the genre itself. Being least favorite doesn’t mean I should not read. After all, diversity is always necessary in a reader’s life.

I conducted this review in awe of learning something both as a reader and a writer from the author and I can say, I did, quite pleasantly.

Madhuri Blaylock writes paranormal fiction and is enchanted by tattoos, four-inch heels, ice cream, Matt Damon, scotch, and a few more. She is currently working on the third and the last book in the trilogy of The Sanctum “The Prophecy” which is the finale. The trilogy previously restrain the titles: The Girl and The Boy. (more…)

Surprise Featuring!

Recently, my blog was featured in Wayne K. Spear‘s monthly newsletter. Edition: July, 2014.

I’d like thank Wayne for featuring my blog under the column Featured Blog and I glad that he spending his time on reading posts here. This appreciation really motivates to continue as a blogger, both as a reader and a writer. Spending time on reading posts written by fellow bloggers is as much as valuable to me as writing a post for my own blog.

I’d also like to thank everyone and appreciate your effort on spending your time here.

Keep Visiting,

Aman Mittal

Edition: July 2014
Edition: July 2014

You can check out Wayne Spear’s website here.


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