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I had a similar situation of insomnia, a few years back. I used to put the lights out, as everyone did at home, get cozy in the bed and try myself to sleep. The land of dreams was a faraway fairyland to me then. I just could not sleep. Weeks passed by, and it was still me, alone in my bed, staring out the radium covered hands of minutes, hours, and seconds (in that order) of a wall-clock facing my bed. Sometimes it was 3 a.m., sometimes it was 4 and sleep was extra-terrestrial.

Then in those struggling days of getting some sleep, I really got into reading books. It started with the habit of reading before going to bed (I thought I might get sleep due to this), and ended up with my eReader, my only companion through out and every night. I soon became happier for I had not to struggle with lack of dreams, but I was dreaming some great dreams in other people’s words.

Thus I am concluding list here, it’s a mixture of the titles I have read and the ones in my TBR list:

FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahnuik

AFTER DARK by Haruki Murakami

HOTEL INSOMNIA by Charles Simic

INSOMNIA by Stephen King

BLACK MOON by Kenneth Calhoun

THE HOUSE OF SLEEP by Jonathan Coe

SLEEP DONATION by Karen Russell

Now I miss those days of me being an insomniac because I could read a lot more books. 


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