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The Brunch Book Challenge- Part 2

This month started on a higher node as I received a carton of books for being a participant and completing Hindustan Times weekly magazine, HTBrunch’s #BrunchBookChallenge 2014. The idea was to read at least 24 books in 2014. To participate one must tweet about their progress by tagging @HTBrunch and using the hashtag #BrunchBookChallenge and giving details of the book one has read. There is no one checking out on you whether you are reading the book yourself or not, but I would suggest to have some self-respect and be honest wit yourself.

A carton of Books!
A carton of Books!

Thus, HTBrunch sent me 24 books, few customised bookmarks (we had a chat on the different uses of a bookmark, didn’t we?) a few posters and some more goodies.

On opening the package

It feels so good when someone surprises you, in this case enormously, with the thing you love. It’s really fun to be a part of this challenge and a good motivation factor to read more. HTBrunch has taken a wonderful initiative to motivate people to read more. I tweeted the many a times, to thank them personally for this beautiful gift.

The Books!
And the Bookmarks!

Happy Reading to all!

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