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Why Bother Reading More?

I usually read 90 to 110 books a year as I have only been recording  my reading habit through a widget on called Yearly Reading Challenge from past four years. It’s fun thing to do, you get to know exact statistics like how many number of pages one has read in total or a graph showing books read by you in the year they were published. It can also go otherwise for some of us, like having no time to read, and your ‘yearly reading challenge’ displaying that you are 3 books behind your schedule. Then some of us might force our way to do so.

You are forgetting the whole point of reading. I do not read books for these mere statistics, I read books because of the benefits it offers. If you develop a habit of reading books, at least 5 to 10 pages a day, you will become smarter over the years, this self improvement thing is extremely important aspect for being an adult. A book doesn’t have to be a self-help rather a fiction, science or philosophical work which is full of ideas that you cannot gather by skimming articles reading online. 

There is a difference in reading a book and reading an article online. When reading a book, you spent a good amount of time but on reading online most of us are in a hurry. It’s not totally our fault. It is part habit and part brain simulation. After spending a good amount of time with a book, the text of the book is tend to remain in our memory longer than the those articles. I come across more than fifty different articles everyday regarding, technology, web development, books, reviews, news but by the end of the day, only a few of them, hardly one or two of them I am able to recall. The most important articles I read, I either bookmark the link or save it somewhere on a sticky note on my desktop.

Reading more books also help you gain knowledge. Let’s say of you want to do a research on a specific topic, reading 100 to 200 articles won’t help rather reading 40 to 60 books will do. The numbers in the context are of course, arbitrary. Ignorance is not a bliss, you can’t o something about you don’t know. Learning about yourself, the surroundings around you is essential and reading books can help better since the mental effort put by you in reading each and every single book is totally worth. Reading is an active activity and not a passive one such as watching television.

So boys and girls, get your books/ e-readers out, and start reading.

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