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Things Are Changing

Things are changing on Confessions of a Readaholic. And these changes are necessary both for you and myself. I am really bored with my current blogging schedule. Posting every three days and that to scheduled. I miss the inspirational hit writing or live blogging, in other words, writing in the middle of the night and then selecting the right images, and the Voila! hit the publish button. Since schedule blogging, I have to plan ahead for a month at hand and there is no fun left in that. In recent weeks I have written only two posts that were published this month. Mostly, the fault is mine. Tiredness added with laziness in free time or weekends, and procrastination garnishing adds up to no new posts.

For years, blogging has been my favourite thing to do. And yes, I am the only one who blogs in my family. Developing a system while blogging is essential to have a readership or in other words, an audience. Consistency is only achieved if one blog’s regularly. Hardest part in blogging is always the start of a new post but once started, it always give me a pleasure to complete a blog post. After all these years, I have realised, one must have their own blogging schedule, doesn’t matter how much post they publish in a week.

Thus, fellow bloggers I have a new blogging schedule and will try to keep a bit of inspirational hit. Look out for the following days:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays!


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