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Book Review: My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

My Dream Man by Aditi Bose
Genres: Fiction

Not often do I read romance fiction, nor they are written well versed in first person narrative. Aditi Bose’s latest contribution to contemporary romance genre is a light read, and you might be mildly impressed as I was, by the choice of her words, the humour, the verse well written, and the combination will drive the reader forward without the plot being too complicated.

The story is about an ambitious yet a struggling writer, wanting all the success those limited amount of contemporary writer get out of their words. Ajopa Ganguly. A girl in her twenties who lives with her parents in Delhi. She does not take the ‘rejection’ she receives from the publishers on reading her manuscript. Instead, she tries to kill the sadness that comes along with ‘rejection’ by making cupcakes and embroidering handkerchiefs.

The mind of a writer is a curious one, and a curious mind will often seek redemption once the short term task has been fulfilled. That is when she meets the lost love of her life, who is twelve years elder than her and yet has the charm which once duped her enough to dwell with him for the lifetime.

The plot is not at all complicated. I would say it is mainstream but I like the subject it considers especially in the so called modern society of India such as the age disparity between a couple, and struggle in the twenties. The characters are quite realistic, especially with setting of the novel. The experimental twist the author tries in between did not work out for me and I was not impressed by it. The language is beautiful, excellent I would say. The timeline is contemporary but does not have much influence over the story overall.

I am impressed by Aditi’s writing and will not shy from her works in future.

3 out of 5!


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