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Celebrating 4 Years

Today, Confessions of a Readaholic underwent a revamp. It was necessary. Two tiring hours were spent on selecting the theme, the one you are currently viewing. I guess, it was worth it. There were some major changes I had to look through, changing the theme was one.

The reason I switched from 3-column view to 2-column is responsiveness of the site itself. It enhances the mobile/tablet view and I am sure some my readers had problems going through this blog on their handy devices. Myself had trouble opening this site in mobile with previous theme. Few times it lead to humiliation. But I accepted that humiliation because I could not find a theme that could satisfy the appearance of blog site and myself. Until now.

The theme I am currently using is called Twenty Sixteen. This theme has some enhancing features when comes to showcase an individual blog post. Being responsive, with two columns, the theme adapts itself to the screen of the device. You can view the demo here.

Other than that, it gives features which the previous theme lacked. Like a featured blog post if the blog post is marked as sticky post. Second thing I like, about is the PULL QUOTES, aligning the blockqoutes to left or right thus enhancing the reading experience. Third and last is the link or I should say, customising Menu Items. Now, if you see a caret on a header link, that means there links sub categorised inside it. I know, many of you are using these feature from quite a time but not many themes used to support them when I created this blog.

May is the month of sizzling hot summer and the anniversary of Confessions of a Readaholic. Exactly the fourth one. So thank you for your support.

Confessions of a Readaholic wasn’t on terms with modern websites before, but now it is. I hope you have fun here and easy navigation.

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