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BOOK REVIEW: The Assassinations by Vikram Kapur

BOOK REVIEW: The Assassinations by Vikram KapurThe Assassinations: A Novel of 1984 by Vikram Kapur
Published by Speaking Tiger Books on November 10th 2017
Genres: Fiction, Historical
Format: Paperback

The Assassinations, A Novel of 1984 written by Vikram Kapur is a historical fiction that deeply covers the riots that took place after a former Prime Minister of India was assassinated.

The complete plot takes place in New Delhi which was at the time (in 1984) a locus for the riots. The storyline follows the lives of two families who are engaged and affected in the historical event in a deep manner. Deepa is a Hindu girl who falls in love with Prem an ambitious son of a Sikh refugee. They both decide to get married with their families approval keeping aside their religious differences. Then the strike hits and changes both of their lives.

The characterization is the core of this novel. Each character has their own traits and displays different emotions for the reader to observe and feel. When the author tells the story of Delhi in 2004, the last part of the novel which represents the present, as a reader it was astonishing for me to observe that the most underrated characters in the novel are being sympathetic about their own past and each other. This is a gem and a rarity. Not many writers explore each and every character in their work.

To give life to such a sensitive topic with plot and characters is a job well done by Vikram Kapur in this novel. Written in third person narrative voice, I am glad I read it.

4 out of 5!

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