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If you want to submit a book for a review please shoot me an email at

  • If you just want to send me your book/ebook, you can. Hereby, I do not guarantee to offer book review or offer my opinion on it. This is free.
  • If you want me to formally review your book, please note that I offer it as chargeable service.

Other services I provide on my book blog:

  • Author Interview
  • Book Spotlights
  • Blog Tours
  • Side-banner/Post-banner advertisement
  • Social Media Post

Additionally if you are wondering about a book and would like my opinion just ask in the comment or again, shoot me an email! I’m happy to make recommendations. I’ve read a tons of books from a variety of genres.

If you want to get guaranteed multiple reviews/book promotions, Check out the Patreon page of this blog

Confessions of a Readaholic is live now for five years and I want it to continue this journey. I want to help more authors who are indie or new to the world of books by providing them services through this book blog. In five years, there have been many authors and teams who have become my clients and friends. Thus, to maintain this relationship and the transparency between us, I have decided to provide these services through a platform called Patreon.

You can support this blog by becoming different type of supporter and in return you get access to different services.


Please Note that Becoming a patreon does not guarantee positive book reviews by me. I will continue to review books with the same integrity and honesty as I always do.


This week on Saturday (Sep 22) I am coming up with a new challenge for Book Bloggers. 👇 It is called 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge. Stay tuned for more information on this!



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