BOOK REVIEW: Unforeseen by Chandan Sen Gupta

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BOOK REVIEW: Unforeseen by Chandan Sen GuptaUnforeseen by Chandan Sen Gupta
Published by Notionpress on 23/03/2018
Genres: Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 340
Format: ARC, eBook

Cleverly woven plots are often a delight for me to read. There are many factors why I like these type of plots and think that the writers who construct them are some of the most skillful in their work. I can start with that these type of plots engage me as a reader like me, I am a very demanding reader, for a longer period of time, or until I run out of pages to read. Mostly, to experience this, the genre of the thriller is often one can rely upon. Chandan Sen Gupta’s latest book, Unforeseen is a great example.

When I started reading Unforeseen, it sounded like an ordinary thriller plot which starts with a young Pakistani teacher who comes to India with his family to save his ten-year-old daughter and to spend his life savings for her surgery. Little did he know of the path that lay ahead and that it will turn into a nightmare for him and his family. He gots implicated for a murder in a hotel in Delhi. To prove his innocence and to expose the men behind the crime he trails out not only against time, but being in a foreign rival country he chased by both the police and his own accusers.

When I finished reading this book, I realized who in-depth the plot has been explored and how the emotions of an innocent guy are explored. The way the plot is organized and exposed in the book, it was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat at times. The theme of political indulgence and the side-effects of it in the life of a common man is explored at a very higher level.

With a well-constructed plot, I often expect the characterization should be up to the mark. Well, the protagonist does fit the plot but I did feel some of the side characters could have been given more time. This book is written in a third person narrative voice which again is the main factor to drive the reader to reach the end without leaving the book in the middle because it is well used.

4 out of 5!



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  1. Another niecly done review. I am not a big thriller fan, but I do enjoy a few. And of course, cleverly woven plots are the best.

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