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Reviews | Interviews | Giveaways | Recommendations | "I'm Mad About Books"

Guest Bloggers

This page contains an archive of the guest bloggers hosted on “Confessions of a Readaholic”.

ZAREEN NAQVIWhen Your Mom Gets Engaged Before You Do

Hán Ruì yà– Living in the Language Silently

AVINASH GUPTAThe Joy of Discovery

SHWATE TANEJA– Five Procrastinations of Writing

KENDI GLORIAShe Stands Aloof


ALEXThe Reading Troubles

SNIGDHA NAUTIYAL– How Reading Dissolves Reality and Reconstructs Structures

Emmie– At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien

Aubrey Leaman– How Numbers Can Tell Stories

Susanne LeistA Little About Me

Janita Lawrence – Feed Your Brain

Richard Rensberry – Gun Control

Sheila Agnew – From Lawyer to Author

Nilesh Rathod- Welcome to the City of Joy

Mannah Pierce – Sometimes I feel like an alien

Cassie – Do E-books Allow Us to Read Books Properly?

Joanna Paterson

To Make a Writer by Peter Gray

MariannaFive Favourite Books

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