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Books betiding into Movies in 2015- Part 2

In the last post “Books betiding into Movies in 2015- Part 1“, I offered you a list of eight books that are going to be some wonderful movies this year, or at least I hope. Well here are few more.

Me Before You

Release Date: Aug. 21

I think this book is one of the most popular books of the 2014, though I it’s still in my TBR list. In this love story, young Louisa forms a bond with Will, the paralyzed man she is employed to help. Emilia Clarke (yes the Targaryen) is playing Louisa.


One of my favourite book from the pile I read last year. Another added to ‘must see movies list’. Daniel Radcliffe will play Igor, the hunchback assistant to Victor Frankenstein, James McAvoy.


Books betiding into Movies in 2015- Part 1

This post is especially dedicated to my not so book-loving-but-movie-loving friends. I’m concluding a list below of books that are turning into movies this year. I want you to read them before you watch them. Every year many of the movies that I watch and like are surprisingly based on books. I always like the idea of reading a book that is soon turning into a movie. After reading the book, when the movie comes out, I compare the visualisation shown in the movie with my imaginary visualisation of that book.


Release Date: March 20 | Watch Trailer

Divergent Series fan, mark your calendars. I remember watching it, I felt it did a good job even though I am not a fan of the series.


Release Date: March 27 | Watch Trailer

 Newlyweds George and Serena move from Boston to North Carolina in 1929 to start a timber business. The pair is ruthless in building their empire, and when Serena finds out that she can’t have children, she sets out to kill George’s illegitimate son. Characters will be played by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.  (more…)

WHAT James Franco Reads?

When I first saw James Franco on the screen in Oz the Great and Powerful, I though.. hmm… okay. And went off to home without giving it a second thought.

Next time I hear about him, he’s out with a book!


And the book is no memoir of his living days in movies or his nights with women. The book’s a collection of stories, a bit cult. I am talking about Palo Altoset among the Californian streets where Franco spent his own childhood. I remember giving it three out of five but the book was a professional piece of work and I admire his literary voice in that. Next thing I get to know is, he’s done an English major with a creative writing concentration from UCLA and is now  doing PhD in English from YALE University.

My admiration for him is not about being an actor turning to a writer, it’s about his passion for the literature. For me, he’s just another reader who’s passionate about books and reading. Soon, after a bit of googling, I came across an article in which he shares some books that he read.

I find some of these titles interesting and though about sharing them:

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates (more…)

FRIDAY FIVE: Five New Books to read this August

There are so many books releasing this month. Some of them are looking interesting and torturing my curiosity. Some have attractive titles while some have eye-catching covers. But here I am putting down a list of five books that I think are worth reading for you and me both. For the sake diversity (#WeNeedDiverseBooks), I try to pick one from different genres.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Why?: This one is  straight forward and considered light in comparison to his recent works. Though it’s still 400 pages. (more…)

TUESDAY TOP TEN: 10 Stories to read at The New Yorker

The New Yorker relaunched its website yesterday with complete makeover signifying the first step in the magazine’s new focus on the web. Part of that initiative is the magazine’s decision to open up its archives to the general public for the next three months. Until the website puts up its metered pay wall sometime in the fall, the New Yorker editors will be releasing curated collections of stories periodically.

I am pulling out with a list of Ten Stories that I have read since the archives are free to access (and yes, I tried not to sleep as I had the intention to read all the stories in the archives but being a human I finally dozed off) and I think you should take a look in the New Yorker Archives. (more…)

FRIDAY FIVE: Five ways to stay creative on a weekend!

Today is Friday, tomorrow starts what most of us seek. The mighty weekend. Either we can get dull on weekends, or we can be productive, it’s up to us. To do any of the both, mere creativity is always needed!  Thus, I am showing you five ways to be creative to do so.


1. Get away from the computer

Go somewhere, where your heart takes you. But please leave the desk, you have spent all your week in front of that flat bright screen, suffering from a god-knows-what syndrome or wrist cramp due to excessive use of keyboard. Give your hands a rest. Do something else.

2. Surround yourself with Creative people

We all have some friends, who are creative. Hangout with them. Visit the places which inspire you, taking along your creative friend. And if you’re too lucky, find a creative date. (more…)

Travel Diary: Hauz Khas Village, a little Brooklyn in New Delhi

No, Hauz Khas Village is not the most populous area of New Delhi, but it’s certainly a mini-Brooklyn.

Though it’s been twenty and one years, I have been living in Delhi, I have never seen such an inspiring place in this city of djins. But yesterday, a friend of me took there and I must say, I fell in love with the place. It’s a paradise for an artist to revive, and you get everything there, the yummy food (multi-cuisines), the art, the inspiration and the peace. What more an artist needs?

Hauz Khas is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in South Delhi, and is named after an ancient water reservoir by the same name. Hauz means ‘water tank’ (or lake) and Khas means ‘royal’, giving it the meaning, the ‘Royal tank‘.

Hauz Khas
Hauz Khas

This royal lake, is surrounded by the Deer Park, which is also one of the largest parks in the city. And yes, there are real deers inside it. Firuz Shah’s Tughlaq’s tomb is adjoining this lake, which is famous for many bollywood (indian-cinema) movie-shoots and a must place to see, even in the hottest weather (of course, you will find some shelter there). (more…)


Series: Inspector Rebus #19
Genres: Mystery, Fiction, Detective

There is no doubt why Ian Rankin is one of the best crime fiction writer in all over Britain. And Certainly John Rebus is the “Sherlock Holmes” of modern crime fiction. Or I should say in clear words, certainly the best detective of modern crime fiction. The enigma which surrounds John Rebus is the essence a reader reading Rebus must feel. And Ian Rankin maintains that enigma, that aroma of mysteriousness consistently. He is doing for past 19 books. Not one Rebus I read, and felt discomfort. This is an art and Rankin is the master of this art of consistency in storytelling.

I was once disappointed and sad when I read Exit Music which was once the last book of the John Rebus. I almost cried as I would not be able to read such excellent stories. But when Standing in Another’s man Grave came out, I was more jollier than the word jolly can be defined. Recently read, Saints of the Shadow Bible which is the 19th book in the John Rebus series. This book brings back John Rebus in the force, not as DI(Detective Inspector) but as a demoted DS(Detective Sergeant). The story combines several investigations and Rankin also takes the reader back into dark and hollow past of detective John Rebus. He tries to unfold the mysteries originated 30 years back and let us look more into the closet of John Rebus soul. Rebus tries to solve ongoing investigations but his past also haunts him and there some dust of mysteries left in that 30 year old closet which needs to be clean. Thus, with help of DI Siobhan Clarke and Malcolm Fox of the Complaints, the trio investigates in co-operation.

Characterization Rankin has done is hyper realistic. I have said earlier, he is the master of storytelling. In some other book, another writer might have overdone it but Rankin is just a finesse finisher. It’s a pity he’s going on a holiday and won’t be writing for some time.

This one is one of those which are hard to keep down in between. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 for being an avid reader of Rankin’s books, I could manage to solve few of the mysteries on my own. Otherwise, it’s a very well written book.




Hello! Fellow Bloggers and Writers,

We (Graffiti Team) are coming out with a magazine by the end January 2014. Though Graffiti was just a college magazine, few years before, and is one of longest running magazine of NIT(National Institute of Technology) Kurukshetra, this time we are going online. We are not just a college magazine anymore and our intended audience is the whole world. We will be publishing not more than 300 copies in paperback for the internal  publicity through our college and nearby places but we are also publishing online. This will be our first online issue which will be free to download. Our magazine is intend to be literary. We are covering fiction, poem, comic strips, book and movie reviews. Also we have a column for  fan art including sketches and comic strips. Thus, we want submissions on the following topics:

  • Fan fiction
  • Fan-art
  • Comic Strips
  • Erotic Fiction

The word limit must not exceed 500 words.

All the submission must be e-mail to us at having the title Submission and must contain author details and his blog link (if he wishes to). The content for the magazine can either be an attached .doc or .docx file and for fan-art .jpeg or .png. Or the content can directly be in e-mail. The deadline for submission is 27 January 2014 by midnight.

You will be given full copyright of your content. You will also be emailed a copy of the issue directly to your mailbox when the magazine is out.

You can also follow us for the latest updates on our FACEBOOK page at: or search for Graffiti The Magazine

Thank you all!

Me and Graffiti Team


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