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BOOK REVIEW: The Presentation by Anoop Anthony

BOOK REVIEW: The Presentation by Anoop AnthonyThe Presentation by Anoop Anthony
on 06/01/2018
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 33
Format: eBook
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The Presentation is a short story about the tragic modern life, on an individual who is leading a life in the corporate world but fate has something else in its book for him. Written elegantly by Anoop Anthony, it will put its reader to think hard about what they have got and how to start living instead of dying.



BOOK REVIEW: The Assassinations by Vikram Kapur

BOOK REVIEW: The Assassinations by Vikram KapurThe Assassinations: A Novel of 1984 by Vikram Kapur
Published by Speaking Tiger Books on November 10th 2017
Genres: Fiction, Historical
Format: Paperback

The Assassinations, A Novel of 1984 written by Vikram Kapur is a historical fiction that deeply covers the riots that took place after a former Prime Minister of India was assassinated.

The complete plot takes place in New Delhi which was at the time (in 1984) a locus for the riots. The storyline follows the lives of two families who are engaged and affected in the historical event in a deep manner. Deepa is a Hindu girl who falls in love with Prem an ambitious son of a Sikh refugee. They both decide to get married with their families approval keeping aside their religious differences. Then the strike hits and changes both of their lives.



BOOK REVIEW: Work that Matters by Maia Duerr

BOOK REVIEW: Work that Matters by Maia DuerrWork That Matters by Maia Duerr
Published by Parallax Press on 26/12/2017
Genres: Nonfiction, Business, Entrepreneurship
Format: eBook

Maia Duerr’s new book is all you want to read before this year ends. Why? Because her book holds that element of getting you enthusiastic to start the New Year with an authentic perspective of how to keep living and do what you want to do.



Author Interview: Priyanka Baranwal

Q. Hi Ms. Priyanka, and thank you for agreeing this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hello, Amandeep! My pleasure to be here again. I am Priyanka from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh (India). I currently live in Kuwait. I am an author, and a blogger; love to play guitar and do some poetry as well. My hobbies are traveling, reading, jogging, and watching movies.

I have two books to my credit – It’s Never Too Late and the latest, The Shadow of Darkness. Both books are being received well by the readers.


BOOK REVIEW: Murderous Greed by Arun Nair

BOOK REVIEW: Murderous Greed by Arun NairMurderous Greed by Arun K. Nair
Published by Notionpress on 2017
Genres: Mystery, Fiction
Pages: 203
Format: Paperback

Crime Fiction is one of my favourites genre to read. I can read books falling under this genre in no time. In my reading years, after reading both classics and contemporary crime fiction novels, I have concluded that a good crime fiction is written with variant in its narrative pace. Not only it keeps the reader driving forward, continue the guess work, but it eliminates the possibility of having dragging components in between. Murderous Greed by Arun K is an excellent example of that.



BOOK REVIEW: The Shadow of Darkness by Priyanka Baranwal

BOOK REVIEW: The Shadow of Darkness by Priyanka BaranwalThe Shadow of Darkness by Priyanka Baranwal
on 01/12/2017
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 390
Format: Paperback

Not all nightmares arouse questions, some give away answers too.

The Shadow of Darkness is the second book in the series of “It’s Never Too Late”, picks the journey of a mother and a daughter from the first book. Written by Priyanka Baranwal, an Indian author who has a very detailing writing style, this novel revolves around the theme of childhood trauma.

The blurb of the book is so well written with the ease of simplicity, that I am going to share with you since I cannot express it with more clarity.

When Maya fought two criminals one night and saved herself and her five-year-old daughter, Sejal, she thought the worst was over. But was it really? Or, there could be something worse than the worst? The childhood trauma that little Sejal did not deserve resulted in nightmares, trust issues, and bizarre habits. Even after thirteen long years, the night continues to haunt and debilitate her senses with its magnificence, and as if it wasn’t enough, an encounter with the remains of past slips her deep into a treacherous darkness.



Ebook Available for Orders

Today, my first ebook, A Blogger’s Manifesto is available for direct orders to be read on Kindle device or application from Amazon. I am excited about it. 😄

This is the link.

All readers who pre-ordered it will get their book as soon as the clock ticks 00:01 AM on 2nd Feb in their time zones.

Friends and fellow bloggers from my own timezone can order it now from Amazon India. I am sorry that you could not pre-order it, does not allows it but hey cheer up, now you can buy it.

If you decide to read it, please leave some feedback on Amazon 👍 or Goodreads 📚 here.

I even have an Author Profile on Goodreads now 😉


BOOK REVIEW: Men and Dreams In the Dhauladhar by Kochery Shibu

Pages: 284, Paperback

Published: 2015 by Niyogi Books

Cover Rating: 5/5

Kochery Shibu’s debut novel Men and Dreams In the Dhauladhar is a mesmerising tale. Set in the lesser Himalayan Ranges around the peaks in Dhauladhar, this book is a perfect companion on a wintry night to get cozy.

The plot majorly revolves around the lives of three individuals who in return somehow get intertwine with each their. It starts at a hydro power project in Himalayas where an engineer running from his past, after losing almost all of his family. Another individual, a Kashmiri boy displaced in his youth from his family, gets involve in terrorism and some how lands working as a labour at the Dam construction site. Lastly, a doctor with passion for classical dancing arrives at the construction site through the medium of love. Each of their story involves drama, passion, skeletons in their closet and extraordinary hardships and struggles of their lives. Like an eternal spectator, the Dhauladhar peaks watches as these beings risk their lives to full fill their dreams.


Ebook available for Preorders

So I recently published my first ebook through KDP (Kinde Direct Publishing) and it feels great! 😃 It is short, and will not take much time for you to read and I hope it helps you with blogging.

The ebook will be available on Amazon on 1st Feburuary and it is available for pre-order here! for $ 2.99

Here is the blurb of the ebook:

A Blogger’s Manifesto is a short ebook about blogging written by a blogger. It covers the story of my book blog Confessions of a Readaholic and other essentials for an individual who is getting started with blogging or is a new blogger.

The book in detail covers:
– Starting a blog with zero followers
– Writing a compelling blog post
– Why Comments are essential part of blogging community
– How to reach your milestones with your blog
– Social Media and money making tips

For book bloggers:
– Writing a Book review
– Blog Tours
– Getting an ARC
– Interviewing

… and many more!


If you decide to read it, please leave some feedback on Amazon 👍

Thank you, everyone, for their support!

Book Spotlight: The Shadow of Darkness

Congratulations! On your book, The Shadow of Darkness. I hope you won’t mind answering a few questions for my book blog and the lovely readers who are awaiting your book.

Not at all! I am glad to answer your questions and hope (the) readers enjoy reading them.

Q. What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?

When it comes to gifting ideas for adults, it’s hard to pick books because you don’t know their reading preferences and also the fact whether they like reading makes books a challenging choice. But if I know the receiver likes to read, I’d certainly pick one of my favorites.

With kids, there is a palette of colorful choices. Age of the receiver is also a must to take into account. The book gift should be such that the kid can sit down and read immediately, and that he should not have to wait for another or two years.



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