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A Curated list of Kindle/Ereaders posts from this blog

I remember when I read my first ebook on a mobile phone, it was not so smart like nowadays phones, the glowing screen in the darkness of night made me interested in books to a higher extent to continue both the habits of reading and eReading. Years, have passed since that night and now I own a smartphone and a personal eReader as well. My appetite of reading books has grown over the years and to satisfy it, both the formats: physical and electronic, have helped me. Some might not agree with me over ebooks and few might still be indulged in the Battle of Physical Books vs E-Books. But I must say, after all, it’s a matter of choice and opinion. You can stick with books that have an aroma inside them that cannot or haven’t (as to my knowledge) been converted in a saleable fragrance. Or you can get best of both the worlds.


FRIDAY FIVE: Five things annoying to a READER

All we readers have been abused sometime or the other by someone or the other. We’re trying to have chit-chat about a book and suddenly their eyes glaze over and an annoying remark is tattle by them. I have faced so many of them, and some of those remarks are:

1. All that reading will destroy your eyes.

2. You read books outside of class?

3. You spend your money on buying books?

4. Why waste time reading books when you could be doing other things? Important things?

5. If you read books, you must be day dreaming all the time. You know, you should come and visit us in the ‘real world’ once!

I always try to remain calm in those situations instead of getting aggressive and kung-fu kicking their balls (even, if they don’t have). But sometimes, few of them are close on achieving the highest level in annoying others, like us,  and to stop them I have a very similar reaction:


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