#BookReview: Dystopia by Manoj Jain

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#BookReview: Dystopia by Manoj JainDystopia by Manoj Jain
Published by The Write Place Genres: Fiction
Pages: 146
Format: Paperback

With a peculiar cover Manoj Jain, this is his 5th book release. I have read some of his work in the past and has expressed my views accordingly. I am on a firm belief that writer Manoj Jain’s work is mostly targeted to the length of a novella, he is definitely trying to accomplish something there.

The storyline of his latest novel revolves around the peculiar nature of a child and their parents. The theme of this novella is everything related to a childhood. The pain of growing up, teenage angst, role identities, and parenting. A spirit is constantly present guiding these children and oversees their journey in the beautiful fantasy land of Shambala, a kingdom where children start their travels and are protected and taken care of.

These children continue their journey, skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate, which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia. The plot starts around the reunion of five friends where they recall the past wounds and a memory to resolve why a young girl had to kill herself at the age of eighteen.

The writing style is up to the mark here. What I liked about this whole storyline is how the author has used the spirit of Dystopia as an expression that closely resembles a parent as an adult who guides a child during their from the young age to their teenage years and helps them to emerge as adults. As a reader, one can clearly observe the psychology from this end. Next, the thing I like about this novella is how Manoj Jain engages a reader like me in his twisting and turning of the storyline.

I read this book in one go and I am sure you will enjoy reading it to. If you are a parent, this might turn on an internal debate with your subconscious mind for the good or the bad but beware, that the message this novella wants to spread, must be taken seriously.

4 out of 5!



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