Confessions of a Readaholic

Reviews | Interviews | Giveaways | Recommendations | "I'm Mad About Books"

Reviews | Interviews | Giveaways | Recommendations | "I'm Mad About Books"


A blog is like a shark, it stays alive only if it keeps moving.

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Aman Mittal, and I am the blogger here at Confessions of a Readaholic which is a book blog. I currently reside in New Delhi, India. I adore books, as you can see, this blog is a way to express my love for BOOKS!

What is this blog about?


I love to review books, and meet book lovers, authors & interview them as well.  I will talk about books all day. I love to write, and on this blog you will find much of my writing here.

I sometimes host Giveaways and try to help authors and publishers but most importantly my fellow readers through all these activities.

Nonetheless, I am a published poet, contributor writer for blogs and publications on Books, Technology and Productivity (see my published works here).

Blogging goes way beyond mere content. It’s a conversation between you and your audience.

Let’s be Friends!

Let’s be friends! My Twitter handler is @amanhimself if you’d like to engage with me in constant chatter & I am also available on if you’d want talk books with me.

If you want to request a book for review, please check here before requesting. This blog even has a Facebook Page only if you’d like to receive feeds related to books occasionally. Lastly, for business purposes only, you must email me at

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Happy Reading!


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