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Five Football/Soccer Books You Should Read This Summer

Last around the same time period I wrote a list of books relating the beautiful game of Football (a.k.a soccer) for the occasion Fifa World Cup 2014. This year, since June 6 is the last homage for any football fan, yes I am referring to UEFA Champions League Final 2015 between the two most consistent teams this year in Europe: Barcelona and Juventus. Admit it even if you don’t support either of them, June 6 will telecast the last ninety minutes of good football before the summer time gets over. For any football fan spending weekends without seeing the green grass and twenty-two men running after a ball, technically, just twenty as both teams have a goalkeeper each who travels a lesser amount of distance on the field is a not a weekend well spent. To resonate your weekends again with football all this summer take a look at them.

Fear and Loathing in La Liga by Sid Lowe

Fear and Loathing in La Liga takes a look at one of football’s greatest rivalries. Exploring the historical, cultural and political influences that give El Clasico its unique charge, Sid Lowe demonstrates the relationship between these two soccer giants and reveals the true story behind their explosive rivalry.

The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin

Travelling up and down the country and around the world in the hopes of unearthing the next big thing, the life of a football scout is one of the game’s most unappreciated and disposable positions. Calvin’s excellent book shines a light on the people who help find the players of tomorrow.

When Friday Comes by James Montague

Shining a light on football in the Middle East, When Friday Comes is a fantastic testament to football’s power and potential to affect change.

Provided You Don’t Kiss Me by Duncan Hamilton

Duncan Hamilton was there through all the madness, the success, the failures, the fall-outs, the drink, and the crumbling of Brian Clough’s years as manager of Nottingham Forest. This is a tender portrait of one of football’s most colourful characters.

All Played Out by Pete Davis

Pete Davies’ book covers every nook, cranny, and ridiculous story from the last time England truly impressed on the world stage.

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