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BOOK REVIEW: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Genres: Nonfiction, Business, Entrepreneurship

This book is a great introduction to start on the matter of educating yourself in terms of “money”. This is the message Robert Kiyosaki wants to convey in this 200 pages long book.

This book isn’t about money, it is about how we think and are taught to think from an early age about money and not in terms of money. Education brings wisdom in a person but to be educated in terms of money or in Kiyosaki’s words, being “financially literate” is an important aspect of how we are going to solve the money problems we face everyday and for the rest of our lives. Working hard, keeping our day jobs at bay is an effort we all try to make but only to pay bills. Kiyosaki explains the difference between assets and liabilities and how apart from paying bills, we can earn money in longer terms and for better future.

Kiyosaki addresses his two fathers in this book, one who is highly educated in terms of academia, and the other is educated in terms of being wealthy and making “money work for him”. One father advises him on to get a college degree and get a job that is secured and other puts emphasis on being learning how money, market, and related terminology like accounting works. In other terms getting little knowledge of how everything is part of the same cycle and you must how that cycle runs otherwise being unfamiliar with one section of that cycle can harm you in long term. In his simple narrative, the author compares both aspects by narrating stories that include both his fathers and what suggestions they gave him and how he draw his own conclusions and his emphasis on where he combine best of both the worlds.

Some might wonder why Kiyosaki isn’t the richest man on this planet in terms of wealth, and this question might want you not to read this book. I would suggest, put that thought on hold while you read this book and try to see and learn what Kiyosaki is teaching in this mere 200 pages.

This book is not a life changing thing or something similar but it will make you think for long period time, which is good, about the most important aspect of our daily lives. This book is definitely going on my shelves and I feel is a great place to start. If you are already familiar with this book and books similar to it, please suggestions are welcome as always. I’d love to hear from you and would like to explore and expand my knowledge on this particular topic.


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