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On Becoming a Morning Reader

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I often think about becoming a morning person. I have tried getting up early, having a cuppa of coffee (caffeine has its wonders), do my stuff. But that did not work out very well. I end up being drowsy all the time, yawning unnecessarily, and not able to do what I intend to do. Thus I have decided to, instead of trying to become a morning person, let’s give a shot to become a morning reader.

Ground rules for being a morning reader are the same as of being a morning person:

  • Get a healthy sleep. Whatever number of hours work for you, and what you can manage. I am not going to be definitive here in describing a number due some mediocre research done by some dull organization.
  • Wake up
  • Get your body moving. Some physical workout.
  • Take a cold shower
  • Read the book

Of course, apart from the first two bullet points, rest are not in a particular order. If you have an existing regime, adjust that too. Nothing is definitive again. It’s all about a routine. A habit.

This way I am trying to get more reading time and am developing a habit of getting up early. There are benefits of being a morning person as well as of being a nocturnal creature. Let us not get into that discussion now.  We have our energy levels at par in the morning and spending some times, say 20-30 minutes, on reading something fruitful, will grab your attention and lift up your mood and will charge you for the day as it does to me.

Are you a morning reader? Have you tried reading Shakespeare in Morning?

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