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#BookGiveaway: The THC by Manoj Jain [CLOSED]

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Book Giveaway: The THC (Total Holistic Center) by Manoj Jain

Hello fellow Readers,

For next 30 days I am hosting a Book Giveaway on this blog in which you’ll get an intrigue and well written book by Manoj Jain. I have **50** copies for you.


To enter this Book Giveaway, all you have to do is to comment below in the comment section. First 50 people to comment will get the book. 

Please, do not comment twice.

REQUIRED: In your comment, you must leave your email address and one social media link (preferably Twitter).

NOT REQUIRED: Additionally (not required) in the comment you can describe “Why do you want to read The THC by Manoj Jain?”

 Make sure you check the “eligibility criteria” before entering this Book Giveaway.

First 50 people with valid comments will be classified as WINNERS. All Winners will be notified through email in between or after 30 days.


** This Giveaway will be over on 25th February

About the book

The THC, under a gibbous moon, is a gentle adult novel that deals with some everyday situations and other not-so-common problems. The three characters of the book visit a health farm, The Total Holistic Centre (THE THC) to heal their physical ailments… there is Samar who hopes for a cure for impotence and an addiction to nicotine, Sanjaneka who suffers from arthritic osteoporosis and Varun who is depressed and an insomniac. The trio become friends at the THC and help each other heal and in their short stay, the need to learn that physical ailments are very often a by-product of deeper psychological trauma and that to cure themselves they must close the doors from the past and open new ones ahead. The author explores the mindset of people and everyday happenings in life.

The THC is a positive book that shows that every problem has a solution (however unusual) and all answers can be found within oneself. The THC is the outcome of Manoj’s keen sense of observation and optimistic approach to life which the author likes to share with his readers. To unearth something that is so obvious yet hidden makes his bookinteresting and thrilling!

About the author: Manoj Jain

They say, even the universe gives in to  a stubborn heart and a strong will.. Well, one such is Author Manoj Jain. An entrepreneur by day and an author by night, Author Manoj Jain is not only a successful business man but is living his long cherished dream of being a writer. This 50 year old is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and a keen student of psychology. He has always been interested in human relations and how they are played out over differing circumstances.

After his post graduation he started an export business with his best friend and sister. His export business has grown exponentially but smitten by the writing bug, he dwelled into wiriting and released his first book The BNO. The book,  BNO,Sex, Life and Hookah talks about human relationships, shadows and hidden faces, sexual fantasies and the psychological implications to it. Following the release of his second book (which also highlights issues that are swept under the carpet,)he is coined as an “Writer of Taboo”.
Manoj Jain is known for delving into topics that are uncomfortable and path breaking.

Despite  running a highly successful business yet finds time to chase his passion for writing. He lives a quite life with his wife and two children.

At 50, Manoj Jain decides to live his dream and passion to be an author.


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