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BOOK REVIEW: The True Language Of Love by Sean Azimov

The True Language Of Love by Sean Azimov
Genres: Nonfiction

Pages: 260
Published: May 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Cover Rating: 4/5

“Often we hope that tomorrow will be different… and only find tomorrow being the repetition of today! Do you ever wonder why? The answer is simple, if you don’t like what you are getting… then change what you are doing.”

Some writers have a way with words, they use them in such a way that any reader who reads that text will feel empowered by it. Such is Sean Azimov’s The True Language of Love, first volume in the series of the Book of Life.

Sean is the founding father of Quantum Behavioral Induction Therapy and a leading expert on human behaviour analysis, emotions, body language, and non-verbal communications. In his book, he tries to reveal the way a human mind process and discusses the intriguing topic of emotional intelligence.

The whole book is divided into three broader chapters (or parts) each consisting inter-related topics to gain knowledge from. Sean discusses subjects such as anxiety, fears, past memories, loneliness, bad habits or addictions and other negative experiences and individual could be dealing with. His way of challenging anyone of these subject is effectively in support of his previous discussions that include logical and scientific anecdotes in a precise manner rather than inspiring stories of subjects that most of non-fiction books showcase. That is why, I think this book outclasses others in its genre and is not completely a traditional self-help book. This book is more than that.

One of my favorite topic discussed in-depth and throughout by the author is about how mental health is in relation to emotional well-being and his techniques on maintaining the balance with both. I tempted to implement them in my daily life. He also discusses neurochemistry in-depth for joy and happiness.

The book is procedural in every discussion it holds and Sean does an amazing job in writing it in such a straightforward, effortless and consistent voice. I would suggest you to read it from page one to get crystal clear understanding of the base or the level the writer expects the reader to be on when discussing techniques and with some amount of effort you might find some of these techniques helpful to implement.

If you are bored and aware of the in-effective traditional self-help advice and want a better way to understand how a human mind works and how feelings can be procedural and to develop better experiences with yourself with some of the techniques discussed in the book, you must read this book. It is something different and provides a better way of understanding ourself. Most readers will feel empowerment in a positive and a modest way after reading this book.

5 out of 5! Recommended

Author Bio

Sean Azimov is the creator and a founding father of Quantum Behavioral Induction Therapy. He is also one of the leading experts on human behavior analysis, emotions, body language and non-verbal communications.

Sean is passionate about helping people while doing his part in making this world a better place.

In his newly published book titled The True Language of Love he introduces new and powerful techniques that are simply life-changing. He has revealed crucial processes of the human mind and consciousness that to this day…have been cloaked in highest secrecy.

“You are the writer of your own script and your book of life, the journey has already began.”

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Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank them for their effort with all my heart.

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