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BOOK REVIEW: Sindoori Ranng by Gargi Saxena

Sindoori Ranng by Gargi Saxena
Genres: Fiction

Pages: 42, Kindle Edition

Gargi Saxena’s Sindoori Ranng: Love is not Blind is short story that will leave an impression on its reader. Only 42 pages long, this story can be read within an hour and is great companion if you are looking to read something enjoyable and too in quick manner.

The plot is about a girl named Sindoori, an average girl, who in her early twenties lives with her family. She is in relationship with a boy of whom her family knows nothing about and her friend strongly disapproves. Slowly few incidents uncover the real nature of the boy and how conservative he and his family are. Along with that, there is the interesting character named the Whistler who Whatsapp’s‘ her about her whereabouts whenever she goes out with her conservative boyfriend. Through these messages, she gets to know more about her own feelings, and even though she regrets talking to her secret admirer she comes face to face with her own reality and that of the inhuman nature of her boyfriend.

The storyline is fast paced and is written using third person narrative voice. Even though its only 42 pages long it does tend to leave a strong impression of the theme through which it directly communicates with its reader. The norms of modern day Indian society with regard to domestic abuse and violence. Well written with smooth voice, I liked the way the author kept the characterisation to the point. I think it is best form of developing characters in short stories. Not too much, nor too less information, enough to hook up a reader.

I recommend this book to read for the message it wants to convey about taking hold of your life, especially to young readers.

5 out of 5

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