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BOOK REVIEW: The Presentation by Anoop Anthony

BOOK REVIEW: The Presentation by Anoop AnthonyThe Presentation by Anoop Anthony
on 06/01/2018
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 33
Format: eBook
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The Presentation is a short story about the tragic modern life, on an individual who is leading a life in the corporate world but fate has something else in its book for him. Written elegantly by Anoop Anthony, it will put its reader to think hard about what they have got and how to start living instead of dying.



BOOK REVIEW: Work that Matters by Maia Duerr

BOOK REVIEW: Work that Matters by Maia DuerrWork That Matters by Maia Duerr
Published by Parallax Press on 26/12/2017
Genres: Nonfiction, Business, Entrepreneurship
Format: eBook

Maia Duerr’s new book is all you want to read before this year ends. Why? Because her book holds that element of getting you enthusiastic to start the New Year with an authentic perspective of how to keep living and do what you want to do.



Ebook available for Preorders

So I recently published my first ebook through KDP (Kinde Direct Publishing) and it feels great! 😃 It is short, and will not take much time for you to read and I hope it helps you with blogging.

The ebook will be available on Amazon on 1st Feburuary and it is available for pre-order here! for $ 2.99

Here is the blurb of the ebook:

A Blogger’s Manifesto is a short ebook about blogging written by a blogger. It covers the story of my book blog Confessions of a Readaholic and other essentials for an individual who is getting started with blogging or is a new blogger.

The book in detail covers:
– Starting a blog with zero followers
– Writing a compelling blog post
– Why Comments are essential part of blogging community
– How to reach your milestones with your blog
– Social Media and money making tips

For book bloggers:
– Writing a Book review
– Blog Tours
– Getting an ARC
– Interviewing

… and many more!


If you decide to read it, please leave some feedback on Amazon 👍

Thank you, everyone, for their support!

I need your help with my upcoming Ebook

In my last post, I publicly announced that I am writing an ebook for bloggers and will be covering topics for book bloggers as my own niche. Those of you do not know me, I have been blogging for 5 years and I have learned a lot. This ebook is going to be a token of appreciation and my experiences I want to share with the people who are getting started in the blogosphere or are already a part of one.

Update on Ebook Writing

I am almost done with it. Going through a final draft and proofreading activities. I haven’t come up with a tentative date since I am new in the world of Self Publishing and I think it is a bit of a learning curve. More updates, in future posts or signup my Ebook Newsletter:

This time I need your help to choose me an ebook cover. I have spent last 8 days deciding which one and what colors and I have come up with four final options. Since this ebook I am writing is for you, the community, I thought why not let you decide which cover is the most suitable one.

These are four the options. Whichever cover gets the most vote will be cover of my next ebook. You are going to see this cover image on your Ereader, laptop, iBooks, smartphone, Amazon, etc. So vote wisely. To vote, go to the extreme below.


BOOK REVIEW: The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell

The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell
Genres: Nonfiction

Pages: 315, Kindle Edition

Published: September, 2017 by Profile Books

Cover Rating: 5/5

I have always loved books about books or booksellers. I find booksellers are one heck of an interesting personalities and more, they get observe equally interesting ones. Interesting personality, a bookseller? Why? ‘Cause they read books that no one else reads or majority of people do not and sometimes they write about their observations of customers/bibliophiles in their shops. The whole concept is a bit funny too.



I am writing an Ebook for Bloggers

A tentative title and a tentative ebook cover

The year 2018: Will write an Ebook

This year, one of my goals is to write and publish an ebook.😁I am using my laptop to write one currently. I brainstormed for months last year to write about what?


BOOK REVIEW: Sindoori Ranng by Gargi Saxena

Sindoori Ranng by Gargi Saxena
Genres: Fiction

Pages: 42, Kindle Edition

Gargi Saxena’s Sindoori Ranng: Love is not Blind is short story that will leave an impression on its reader. Only 42 pages long, this story can be read within an hour and is great companion if you are looking to read something enjoyable and too in quick manner.



BOOK REVIEW: Invoked – Hymns of War by Karan Bhatia

Invoked by Karan Bhatia
Genres: Fiction

Pages: 200, Paperback

Published: 2016 by Notion Press

Invoked is the first book in the series of Hymns of War (a very thoughtful title, in my opinion) written by Karan Bhatia. The book is a horror thriller in the fiction genre and some of the scenes are dark and terrifying enough to give one goosebumps.

The plot revolves around Krishna, a common man who is teacher at the university, and leads a simple life with his wife, daughter and his parents. An accident changes the fate of the whole family. These attacks starts like baby steps, small, as warnings but soon turn fatal and the life of Krishna becomes painful and intolerable. He then decides with the help of a tantrik to embark on a spiritual journey to save of what remains of his family as well as himself.



#BOOKSPOTLIGHT: The Assassinations – A Novel of 1984

Published: 2017 by Speaking Tiger Books


To Deepa, Prem gave no hint of the churning inside him. In front of her he affected a cheery demeanour, indulging her in her plans for their honeymoon, which she kept revising. It was a welcome escape from the mayhem surrounding him. There were occasions where the pretence got to him and a voice rose inside, urging him to tell her everything. He silenced it. Deepa was a Hindu and would never understand.

Until then, he had never thought of her as different.


BOOK REVIEW: Saudade by Husna Mohammad

Saudade by Husna Mohammad
Genres: Fiction

Pages: 149, Paperback

Published: September, 2017

Cover Rating: 5/5

This year, I  have read  few short stories. Recent addition being Saudade written by creative Indian Writer, Husna Mohammad. Saudade is a collection nine different stories that cover a variety of topics but every one of them share same geographical location: Kerela, Southern India. The stories revolve around the social, political and cultural environment that exists in the region.The title itself explains by  the meaning of the word Saudade, which is incidentally the running thread in most of the stories.

Short stories generally mean different plots and these stories are centred around the lives of people from different walks of life and shaped by their own fate and circumstance. The first story, “Che Guevera’s Legacy” narrates the story of a young man, enamoured by political idealism and inspired by Che Guevara who at a later stage is forced to come to terms with reality. Then moving on to other stories there is a story full of illusions and probably witchcraft, and other topics like loneliness of old age, struggles with reality, sensitivities of traditional excluvism and the last one (one of my favourites from this book) is about a young boy who is sexually molested.

I have to compliment the author of the book on her understanding of variety of themes and then transforming them with her creative imagination into written pieces such that we, readers, could feel those emotions that the author wrote with. The writing style is smooth and highly appreciable. The narrative voice is a mixture of third and first person but mostly third. The formation of characters in these stories are at their best but again, I will put much emphasis on the vastness of storylines and how realistic they are.

My favourite picks from Saudade are Che Guevera’s Legacy, because of the historical point of view and conflicting political ideologies, Beevitha, for the imaginative touch, The Diary of an Insomniac and My name is Arif Mushtaq and I am Gay. These written pieces are a must read for any reader. Not only these pieces provide an outlook of Indian society as a whole but also they are well written with a flow and showcase different yet important themes.

4 out of 5

About the author:

Husna is a writer, poet and freelance content strategist. She is a dentist by profession, with a journalism degree. She abandoned a lucrative career to follow her dream of being a full time writer. Her first book, My Lyrical Symphony, an anthology of eclectic poems, was published in 2008. Husna currently resides in the picturesque coastal town of Cochin, Kerala, in southern India.

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